What is it?

The collective is designed to give smaller creators a chance to do work as a photographer and videographer without the headache of operating an entire business.       

How it works 

Instead of hiring a photographer or videographer from a specific company, Taylor Shots will make finding the perfect creator easy and seamless. We have a network of creators all over the US ready to help you with whatever work you need done. The way it will work is you search for what type of work you need done (portraits, landscapes, music videos, ads, etc.) and we give you a list of talented small creators in your area who can do what you're looking for and you can book directly from our site.

For creators, this is a powerful tool to help kickstart your career. This is designed to help creators of all sizes grow as a freelancer. You can get bookings, collaborate with other creatives, and even rent gear and studio space. With both free and paid tiers you can choose what plan will work for you and provide you the best experience as a creator.  

When will it launch? 

The collective has planned to launch by mid 2021 following the redesign of taylorshots.com and filming of the ad campaigns. Sign up to be the first to know when the Studio 8 collective kickstarter goes live.