So, what is this?

When you go on social media right now you probably see thousands of posts about the ongoing movement for Black Lives Matter. This movement is gaining huge traction in fighting for change that we desperately need in this country. Unfortunately, in the age of the internet we find ourselves able to meticulously curate the content we see to fit our own narratives which allows for anyone who doesn’t see the fight for change as necessary to block out the messages of BLM in their feeds. I wanted to change that. I want to create a monetized YouTube channel designed specifically for African American creators to showcase their work on the Black Lives Matter movement. The money made from monetization on this channel will be poured into targeted advertising of the work of these creators to help fight for change and spread awareness to those whose algorithms won’t showcase the fight for equality in America. There are a few steps to making this movement work.

1. Subscribe to Creatives for Change on YouTube to allow the channel to become monetized. Share the video "In One Minute" (coming soon) with everyone to help us reach this goal faster.

2. Once we get monetized, start creating. I want photographers, videographers, painters, graphic designers, musicians, or any other artist to submit short videos to the movement using #CreativesForChange on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube along with a charity of their choice to help achieve the goals of Black Lives Matter.

3. Share. Every voice matters, and we want these videos to be everywhere. People need to know about the injustice, progress, and importance of Black Lives Matter.

Ultimately the success of this movement means nothing without meaningful change to the systems that exist today. We need to allocate funds away from police departments towards meaningful organizations designed to help all communities. Here are a list of places taking donations working towards this reform, if you can. Donate.