Hi, I am Zack Miskie.

I am the founder of Taylor Shots and I didn't want to just create another media company, I wanted to challenge myself to change the way a media company could operate.

It starts with our creators. The first priority of Taylor Shots is not to just hire people to be behind the camera but rather create a network of creators that can use their skills and collaborate with one another and emphasize each of their strengths to create the best work possible. That's why instead of a traditional hiring process for employment, I've chosen to create a community of freelancers that can work together to make media that matters and eliminate the hierarchy and politics behind a company.

The other piece to the puzzle is pricing. Traditional photographers and videographers tend to charge massive amounts of money for only a part of the work. They shoot the content for one price and then charge more money for the editing. I wanted to be upfront about prices and show you exactly what you'll pay before the work even starts.